Oberon F232 is a synthetic high temperature chain oil that ensures reliable operation at high temperatures and loads. It has exceptional adhesion, penetration and load bearing capacity that makes it ideal for chain driven machinery. Oberon F232 is approved for application in the food processing industry.

Exceptional Tackiness 
Oberon F232 contains special adhesion improvers that ensure the lubricant “stays put” and adheres to working surfaces whatever the load, speed and temperature. This is a very important characteristic, especially for overhead rail track systems, chains and conveyors. 

Oxidation Protection 
The powerful oxidation inhibitors in Oberon F232 help to ensure long lubricant service life. These inhibitors resist high temperature oxidation, acid formation and oil thickening which, if not controlled, will result in premature oil deterioration and equipment life. The fully synthetic constituents in Oberon F232 also helps to resist the formation of residues.

Anti-Wear Protection 
Oberon F232 contains special anti-wear, friction reducing and extreme pressure additives that minimise wear and ensure long service life.

Superior Corrosion Inhibitors 
Oberon F232 is fortified with excellent rust and corrosion inhibitors. This is especially important in food processing as it helps to prevent food contamination with offensive rust and corrosion products.

Excellent Penetrating Qualities 
The superior fluidity of Oberon F232 enables it to penetrate into chain links. It is not too thick, which allows for maximum penetration, and not too thin, which avoids splatter from moving chains. 

High Purity 
Oberon F232 has been approved by the United Sates Department of Primary Industries and Energy for use in food-processing industries where incidental contact of the lubricant with food may occur. 

· Industrial Gears
· Hydraulics
· Oven and Kiln Bearings
· Conveyor Chains
· Overhead Rail Track Systems
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